Repeat History Restoration, LLC offers comprehensive services to clients at all stages of the home restoration process. We help our clients connect with excellent restoration opportunities, understand their investment, and achieve their dreams. Explore what we can do for you below.
Every restoration project is unique, requiring a detailed undersanding of many factors in order to accurately estimate what each will cost:
  • the current physical condition of a structure and its ammenities
  • zoning and building code requirements
  • current market rates for materials and contractors
  • intentions and goals of the client in terms of project scope and quality of materials
  • project timelines
Repeat History Restoration can work with you to price any job, whether it be a simple update to an existing property or a full-scale restoration project. Our main goal is to provide our clients with tiered pricing options based on materials, timelines, and avaialble contractors that best meet their budgets without compromising the quality and integrity of the project. Clients can work with our teams to proceed with an estimated project, or Repeat History can assist in finding the right team that can work within the established budget.