Repeat History Restoration, LLC offers comprehensive services to clients at all stages of the home restoration process. We help our clients connect with excellent restoration opportunities, understand their investment, and achieve their dreams. Explore what we can do for you below.
There are many questions one should ask when they are considering beginning a restoration project or buying a home that they believe can be restored:
  • Is this home still structurally sound, or are there bigger problems than are evident on the surface that make restoration cost-prohibitive or even impossible?
  • What elements of the home are unique to the original, and would be worth restoring vs. replacing with modern ammenities?
  • Given the building condition and all of the elements that affect property value, is the asking price of the sale reasonable?
  • Are there signs that property values in a neighborhood are increasing and apt to hold their value?
  • What state and local tax incentive programs are available for development / home improvement in the area?
Repeat History Restoration can answer all of these questions and more. We have helped many clients identify great restoration opportinties in both hot and cold real estate markets over the years by bringing decades of experience to the table. We can work with you to assess your own property for restoration potential, or help connect you with one that best suits your needs and budget.